The 1st workshop on Multimedia for Accessible Human Computer Interface


The research on accessible human computer interface provides benefits for a wide range of people, especially for elderly people, children and individuals with disabilities, in substantial life activities, including the use of services, products, and information.
In recent year, advances in multimedia technologies have prompted a wave of developing new intelligent HCI devices. For example, many HCI devices equipped with virtual reality, speech recognition and augmented reality are developed, which significantly enhanced users’ ability to interact with the world. More recently, with the development of deep neural networks, many multimedia problems, such as video captioning, object detection and image syntheses, have obtained great breakthroughs. These latest advance has provided enormous opportunities in developing intelligent HCI applications that is accessible to all individuals.

Call for Papers

MAHCI will provide a forum to both multimedia and HCI researchers to discuss the possibility for accessible human computer interface design, development, and evaluations with the state-of-the-art multimedia technology. It also enables multimedia community to expand its interaction with the HCI industry and broaden the scope of deploying multimedia technology in practical applications.
MAHCI aims at capturing the recent advances in multimedia technology (audio, video, image, and text) for human computer interface design, development, and evaluations that is accessible to all individuals.

The topics of this workshop include, but not limited to:

– HCI for individuals with disabilities and older adults
– Computer interfaces for education and e-learning
– Audio processing, systems and applications on accessible HCI
– Video processing, systems and applications on accessible HCI
– Computer vision based HCI interactions
– Natural language processing based interactions
– Mobile and wearable interfaces
– Multi-model interfaces and applications
– Ubiquitous computing for assistive HCI applications


Please refer to the submission site for submission policies.

Important Dates

Submission Due July 15, 2018
Acceptance Notification August 5, 2018
Camera Ready Submission August 12, 2018
Workshop Date TBA; either Oct 22 or Oct 26, 2018

Please check this site regularly for various updates.


Dr. Xueliang Liu, Hefei University of Technology, China

Dr. Rui Min, Google, USA

Dr. Benoit Huet, EURECOM, France

Dr. Jia Jia, Tsinghua University, China

For any questions please contact the organizers via email: